Local Repeaters and Nets


146.955 (-) located east of Lowville. Callsign W2RHM. Echolink AB2XN

Local VHF Net:

Lewis County Roundtable. 8:00 every evening on the club repeater 146.955. All operators encouraged to check in. Echolink (AB2XN) check-ins welcome. This is an informal net. If no one picks up net control -- you do it! Net preamble and format available here... If the repeater is down, try 146.955 simplex.

Area VHF Net:

Black River Valley Service Net. 9:00 every evening on the Boonville Club repeater 146.655 if anyone picks up NCS duties

Regional HF Nets:

North Country Group - 8:00 AM Sunday mornings. 3.958

Carrier Net - 9 AM weekdays & Saturdays 3.935

Top Band SSB Net - 8:30 PM Wednesdays 1.941

New York State Phone Traffic & Emergency Net - 6:00 PM every day on 3925